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Resolvers is a company specializing in the teaching of negotiation and mediation techniques. It was founded and is animated by Thierry GARBY.

Resolvers’ teaching integrates the contributions of research carried out by universities and the experiences of practitioners without limiting themselves to a theory.

It is supported by a reference book:
OKAY! Negotiation / mediation in the 21st century.

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The Resolvers method

Since the 1960s, much research has been carried out in the United States and Europe on:

  • Negotiation :

    Including “reasoned negotiation” developed by Professors Fisher and Ury of Harvard University.

  • Psychology and Sociology :

    Including the emergence of neuro-linguistic programming, transactional analysis and systemic analysis.

  • Communication :

    With the development of techniques such as non-violent communication, empathic active listening, brainstorming etc.

  • Mediation :

    With various schools such as transformative mediation, facilitative, directive, with or without asides, centered on rights or interests or emotions etc.

  • Neuroscience :

    Including the discovery of the role of emotion in our understanding of the world and in our individual and organizational decision-making system.

These various discoveries and inventions have sometimes turned into schools and chapels around various professors and gurus. No method should prevail. Each has its place according to the situations and the parties.

The Resolvers method integrates the latest techniques to make you effective negotiators and mediators in all circumstances.

The Resolvers method is the only one that embraces negotiation and mediation.

We have also studied and taught how the parties and their counsel can prepare mediation to best serve the interests they represent.

Our trainings

Resolvers offers several types of training courses :


This course teaches you the theoretical foundations of negotiation and teaches you how to implement them through many practical exercises.

Three days including two days a week and one the following week.

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To mediation.

This course teaches you the theoretical bases of mediation and teaches you to implement them through many practical exercises.

Six days at a rate of two days per week for three consecutive weeks + optional examination.

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Training in
In mediation

This course is designed specifically for lawyers and lawyers who teach you the tools used by mediators and teach you how to prepare your mediation, build your team and adopt the most effective attitudes during mediation. It includes many practical exercises.

Two consecutive days

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Training in
Internal / training

For companies and law firms or other organizations, Resolvers offers to develop training tailored to the topic, duration, location, number of participants etc.

The subjects can be negotiation, mediation, accompaniment but also use of internal negotiation and mediation techniques. This may concern human relations as well as relations between departments or the hierarchical relationship and relations between colleagues.

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The team

  • Thierry Garby

    Associate founder, trainer

  • Adrian Borbely


  • Ayça Borbely

    Marketing and administration

  • Hubert Vercken


  • Alain Roy


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